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Perfect Party Game


ADULT Humor or FAMILY Friendly


Perfect adult drinking game for parties or the silly goofy game you can play with the whole family. Play as tame or taboo as you want to! Adding Laughcronyms to your collection of adult games or family games gives you the best of both worlds.



Great for groups of 4 to 20 players! Intimate game nights up to large parties will all have a blast playing Laughcronyms! Lasts 40 – 60 minutes, or as long as you want it to. Don’t you wish you could say that about everything?




With our unique adult party games voting system, you’ll never have to sit out while you’re the "judge.” You get to play the entire game! You'll love how different Laughcronyms is from other party games for adults and games for families.

Laughcronyms on Beer and Board Games

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WARNING: ADULT HUMOR. NSFW, children, or anyone sensitive to poorly drawn yet comical male genitalia.

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